EPAL Euro pallet 80X120cm, new

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This new wood EPAL Euro pallet is 80cm x 120cm in size.

This pallet is delivered in 15 pieces on one stack, ordering in multiples of 15 pieces is the most advantageous.

For more information read the description at the bottom of the page.

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Additional information

Product type

EPAL Euro pallet

Material type




Suitable for pallet truck


Identical units


Stock location

Middenmeer, Moerdijk, Rotterdam, Sas van Gent

Delivery time

From stock

Maximum stackheight

15 pallets per stack, 15 pallets per stack

Dynamic load capacity

Tot 1500 kg


This new wood EPAL Europallet is 80cm x 120cm in size.

The Europallet is a wooden  block pallet whose dimensions and specifications have been defined by Epal. The dimensions are 800x1200x144mm. The Europallet has standard a ISPM15 treatment.

In Europe, the EPAL Euro pallets are the most used pallets. The EPAL Euro pallet exchange system is the largest open pool system in the world. The Euro pallet can be recognised by its appearance. “EUR”, “EPAL” or “UIC” appears on the left and right blocks on the long side. On the middle reel you will see the number of the producer and the HT logo.

This pallet is on stock at our locations in Moerdijk, Rotterdam, Middenmeer, Sas van Gent. If you choose to collect, this is only possible at these locations. This pallet is delivered in 15 pieces on one stack, ordering in multiples of 15 pieces is the most advantageous.

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