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Palletcentrale Groep BV at Moerdijk acquires APK Pallet en Kisten Fabriek BV.
The press report
Palletcentrale Helmond BV

The region of Eindhoven, Venlo is an important logistical region within the Netherlands.
In order to cope with the growing demand in this region Palletcentrale BV settled centrally in Helmond in 2003. From this location we can supply optimally to customers requiring smaller volumes, the short distances allow quick supplies and collections. The collection of smaller quantities of redundant batches of pallets is part of the core-business of this branch. The range of products is very diverse, and a large roof also guarantees dry pallets in this location. The team has been used to coping with the unpredictability of the logistics business for many years, and the service has been adapted to it. The optimised fast service is attractive to a steady customer base in this logistical region.

Palletcentrale Helmond B.V
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Industrieterrein Hoogeind nr. 2834

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